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Organize music/video in your PC and iOS mobile devices
Shadow-Box — 10 months ago
Really nice music player, iPhone, iPad, iPod manager, and updating devices product.
Tabasco — 2 years ago
Heavy, lacks customization. I liked previous versions more.
Umar Sadique — 2 years ago
I like this iTunes v12.0.
Dejan — 2 years ago
The program is very interesting and fast.
Guest #32533122 — 3 years ago
I love iTunes, it's awesome. The greatest thing I'll expect is an app store for Windows 7. If the developer makes the update, I'll really rate iTunes 5 stars.
Lucas Axl Gamaleri — 4 years ago
It is one of my favourite programs installed on my laptop ever! It's very useful, for music and movies' lovers and for students as well.
Guest — 5 years ago
cylon — 4 years ago
Best audio player
Erfan — 6 years ago
It's the best media player that I have ever seen, better than WMP,winamp,Napster and ... It's very good for listening to music.
j05e — 6 years ago
It is still a great program, but I feel that they adding to much to it. It is also being consistently updated.
haresh — 6 years ago
there is iphone there is itune
Chris Chamberlain — 6 years ago
Bloated software; takes time to cut the crapware every time. Still hard to work without it.
Guest — 6 years ago
Beautiful soft
Guest — 6 years ago
It's the best jukebox
allman — 6 years ago
Great plugin
Guest #13011578 — 7 years ago
Now I know why iPods are so popular - it is the iTunes that manages them where the real action is
Guest — 7 years ago
because it is a wastage thing
João Severino — 7 years ago
Great place to check the newest musics
Guest — 7 years ago
It sucks!!
BlThunder — 7 years ago
Needed tool for iPod
Guest — 7 years ago
Rickrack17 — 7 years ago
Garbage there's some much better out there
David Lin — 7 years ago
Guest — 7 years ago
I like that
Guest — 7 years ago
it's cool
Sundaram — 7 years ago
Iphone & Ipod's propitiatory software for longtime. Now changed, so many software does the same thing.
Guest — 7 years ago
o.k. but hate to be forced to one program for ipod.
EduardoPtt — 6 years ago
Very good one
Ranjot singh — 7 years ago
you can directly copy music from the cd .
Skyrunner — 7 years ago
It's a usefull Music Library. Yes, it might be there a lot other Programms. But this one is free, Supports Ipod.
Manuel Rodriguez Coto — 7 years ago
Murtuza — 7 years ago
Its the best media player
Guest — 7 years ago
difficult to use, not working properly, does not open all media files
David — 7 years ago
Not bad.
Guest — 7 years ago
it is a good program
Ben — 7 years ago
to show duplicates is the only thing i use this program for
54877380 — 7 years ago
awesome player
Wild Child — 7 years ago
it just rocks.
Charlie — 7 years ago
a nice and simple, easy-to-use music downloader and player
BF — 7 years ago
Tend to use Spotify, no XP64 version of iTunes.
Guest — 8 years ago
it is the best
jcmorrill — 8 years ago
fast, easy, awesome
Guest — 8 years ago
labi — 8 years ago
nice programm
Morgan Dalton — 8 years ago
Tanchik — 8 years ago
I use only this player
Guest — 9 years ago
iTunes rules!
the worst looking, most intrusive and most process intensive staff i have ever seen. album viewer has merits though.
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