iTunes 8.0

iTunes 8 is undoubtedly a great tool for playing and organizing media files
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ITunes organizes and browses your entire digital collection, has a shop for music and more. This program can be used with iPod, iPhone or Apple TV.
Among the recent changes, this new version offers a better synchronization of the menus in iPod nano, solves a problem deleting HDTV episodes to be downloaded, improves accessibility with VoiceOver, improves control of updates to the shop App, and much more. This version also includes a tool called Genius, which lets you create playlists automatically by analyzing your personal library for songs that are related.

The previous version for Windows already provided the ability to buy music online in the same manner and on the same conditions that were already familiar to Mac users - with the same list of issues and a cost per song of 99 cents. The new version adds the ability to buy movies online. You can watch these on your PC, on iPod, iPhone or Apple TV. The estimated cost for each movie varies between about $2 and $5. For more information you can visit iTunes Movie Rentals.

iTunes 8 is undoubtedly a great tool for playing and organizing media files, and it's free. This version is available for Windows XP and Windows Vista.

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  • Cool mp3, mp4 player
  • You can listen to radio
  • You can buy music online


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