iTunes 4.9

iTunes is a media reproduction tool, used to organize, share and buy media
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iTunes 4.9 is a digital media reproduction tool that can be used to organize, share and buy songs, movies, TV shows, and audiobooks, providing users with the option of synchronizing them with an iPod. The most important new feature of this version is the support for podcasts (audio recordings created by users and designed to be listened by anyone on the net). Podcasts can be created, listened to and also downloaded to an iPod or iPhone. iTunes users have access to iTunes Store to be able to purchase the latest music hits and movies.
With this tool, users can create playlists with a number of songs or other media files, whose properties can also be edited to show the corresponding characteristics. In addition, it is possible to synchronize music with graphical effects while songs are being played, and encode music into different audio formats.
iTunes gives the opportunity to listen to a number of online radio stations when connected to the Internet. In addition, users connected to a local network can share songs without the need of copying them to their local drives.
For these and more reasons, iTunes is a useful and fun tool for users who enjoy playing media files.

Marcelo Viscarra
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  • File sharing
  • iPod synchronization


  • Unlike most similar products, it is not skinnable
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